ISO 20000

Information Technology Service Management

ISO 20000 enables IT companies to align their processes with the needs of the business, its customers and international best practice.

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Why do you need ISO 20000?

IT is an essential operational function of business today. Increasingly, concerns are raised about IT services not meeting the actual needs of businesses and customers. This standard will align your IT service management with an overall business strategy and create a platform for effective business continuity management.

ISO 20000
ISO 20000

Access key markets

 Certification is a differentiator from the  competition. Many stakeholders now want to ensure their IT service providers demonstrate compliance with ISO 20000. 

ISO 20000

Customer satisfaction

Implementing ISO 20000 improves the efficiency of your services and processes, making it easier to control service delivery and fulfilment of client requests. 

ISO 20000

Reduced cost

Certification can reduce the need for supplier audits, relieving the customer costs and disruption for the supplier